Salveturismo, la vacanza in Salento fatta su misura per te

Parco Astronomico Sidereus

A journey in the ASTRONOMY that will stimulate your SIGHT, your HEARING, your TOUCH

The place

Nestled among the characteristic olive trees of Salento, the Park covers an area of 5.000 mq, here you can dive intoAstronomia Multisensoriale. An adventure in the depths of the known Universe, which you can experience first hand, involving your sight, your hearing and your touch..

The Park was conceived, designed, financed and implemented by Vito LECCI, scientific adviser since 1996, who still runs it. Born in 1968, a great lover of Astronomy from always, his is the creation of the Astronomical Observatory "Galileo Galilei" of Salve (LE)


In addition to guided tours, we imitate NASA in rocket launch in space, and we learn by having fun with leggi laws of physics valid with ours little pilot models too, that we'll launch together from our ramp.

Sundialssolar clocksastronomical calendars, of every shape, size and type, how are they made? How do they work? It will also be possible to engage personally in the construction of some simplepowerful and interesting tools useful in astronomy and usable directly under the sky.

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