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Terra Noscia


The place

Terra Noscia was born in 2005 and represents the entrepreneurial result achieved thanks to the dedication and commitment of Marcello Spano who has always been strongly linked to the Salento territory and local history. The love for their land and the desire to preserve and preserve culinary traditions typical of the territory, have made it possible to develop a dynamic, modern and ambitious reality. The company's mission is to dust off ancient recipes and processing methods that risked being lost crushed by the frenzy of contemporary living. The production starts from the strong integration with the local territory and above all from the interaction with the local producers, which allow the company to make use of fresh and genuine raw materials that are processed directly from the "fresh" and above all respecting the seasonality of what the earth offers.


The production cycles are dictated by the natural succession of the seasons. In summer it will be easy to come across productions involving figs or tomatoes, but in autumn it will be time to try quince and onions and so on.
A company strenght is the production of spontaneous products, which manifest themselves with character, flavors that are the result of the commitment of our land and that with the complicity of the sun, wind and sea manage to generate real masterpieces Salento, spontaneously without the man being aware of it. This is the case, for example, of the "paparina", the "critimi", the "wild chicory" and the "lampascioni" which become true testimonials of the Salento nature in the world.
All this happens respecting mainly a predominantly artisan process that does not make high that to guarantee the product a final quality that distinguishes it. 

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