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Mr Jameson

Il locale

He's an old gentleman, Mr. Jameson, and no one has ever seen him up close.
And yet, entering his restaurant, his presence is felt everywhere.
He personally chooses the genuine products of his land, the fine meats, regional and imported, giving us precious recipes of traditional dishes and homemade desserts.

His cellar, the beers, like his whiskeys are one of his great curiosities.
He is like that, an eccentric and mysterious type and those who know him know that he is a loner and does not love the daylight.

He likes to travel with his mind in those places where simple ingredients bring taste to life.
In his distillates he finds his reflections on what tomorrow will tell, but today is imagination.

This and much more contains the "Mr Jameson", where in every corner there is always his signature.
And when the world sleeps, a small light in his kitchen ignites his creativity while
preparing food&wine pairing.
Because, as Mr. Jameson likes to say: "Tomorrow always comes after night".

+39 347 717 8512