Salveturismo, la vacanza in Salento fatta su misura per te

Low rock, sand and crystal clear waters

Torre Vado, acque limpide e...dolci!​


It's the marina of Morciano di Leuca, actually famous not so much for bathing as for the great walk and all the movement that crosses it, especially in the evening.

But those who love rocks can take advantage of Torre Vado and dive in very clear waters and ... be careful ... fresh water! The natural element that makes this place special is precisely this: fresh water, spring water that springs spontaneously between the rocks and forms pools that are continually regenerated. It is rather cold and bathers, especially in the great summer heat, find it particularly beneficial for blood circulation. It is said that in past decades local ladies went to these springs to wash their daughters' outfits.

From the small harbors of Torre Vado and Torre Pali, you can't miss the numerous boat excursions to discover the caves of Capo di Leuca. A tour that generally lasts 3-4 hours and that runs along the last Ionic stretch and goes back to the last Adriatic stretch, discovering cliffs and a marvelous seascape. Obviously you can dive for an unforgettable swim in the caves, between the reflections of light and water.

Fine white sand?

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