Salveturismo, la vacanza in Salento fatta su misura per te

Fine white sand

Posto Vecchio, Pescoluse, Torre Pali, Lido Marini​

A fact over all: the Salve marina is the Blue Flag FEE (Foundation for Environment Education) since 2009. Not only, it is also a beach approved by pediatricians since 2013 with the important awards of "Green Flag", that is a beach suitable for children.

Not enough? There is much more: fine white beaches, shallow waters, clear waters. The evocative name of the Maldives is not chosen by chance to describe these places that have nothing to envy from tropical landscapes. When the north wind blows, in particular, this stretch of the Ionian coast becomes a true paradise, with its slightly wild dunes where sea lilies grow.

Moreover, in Torre Pali you can swim around a tower ... yeah, you got it right! The beach is manned by a spectacular water tower, built in the 16th century and now partly in ruins. It was one of the many defense towers against the continuous raids of piarts and Saracens, around which revolve many ancient legends, including that of the Island of the Maiden. In reality it is not an island but a rock that is located in front of the small port of Torre Pali. Legend has it that on this rock some fishermen found the body of a young girl, kidnapped in the hinterland by the terrible Saracen pirate Dragut, killed for not having wanted to convert to the Muslim religion and finally thrown into the sea. Hence its discovery and the story that has been handed down for centuries and that makes the enchanting landscape even more evocative.

After Torre Pali follows another splendid coastal resort, Lido Marini, which competes partly with the municipality of Salve and partly with the municipality of Ugento. Here too you will be amazed by the large white beaches and the crystal clear sea.

Now, let's get to the practical questions ... how do we organize ourselves for a day on the beaches between Posto Vecchio, Pescoluse, Torre Pali and Lido Marini?

There are private bathing establishments, from the simplest ones to the latest ones that organize entertainment, aperitifs and evenings; or free beaches where nature is still the mistress, where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas or bring your own equipment. Wherever you can find kiosks or restaurants where you can have lunch or refresh yourself, perhaps with a Leccese coffee on ice.

The beaches are easily accessible thanks also to the large parking areas, perfectly able to receive the flow of tourists even in the "hottest" periods.

Low rock and sand?

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