Salveturismo, la vacanza in Salento fatta su misura per te


Sand or rock, a beach for everyone!

Fine white sand

A fact of all: the Salve marina is the Blue Flag FEE (Foundation for Environment Education) since 2009. Not only, it is also a beach approved by pediatricians since 2013 with the important recognition of "Green Flag", which characterizes the certified beaches and suitable for children!

Posto Vecchio, Pescoluse, Torre Pali, Lido Marini are waiting for you!

Low rock, sand and crystal clear waters

Torre Vado it is the marina of Morciano di Leuca, famous both for bathing and for the great walk and all the movement that crosses it, especially in the evening.

Who also loves the rocks can take advantage of Torre Vado and dive in very clear waters and ... attention ... fresh water. Find out why!

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