Salveturismo, la vacanza in Salento fatta su misura per te

The Villages

Stroll through the villages of SalveTurismo!


Salve is our village but is also an italian way to say "hello!" or "welcome!". So, welcome to Salve and Salve to you!

The municipality area of Salve is very huge: it includes the hamlet of Ruggiano, the marinas of Posto Vecchio, Pescoluse, Torre Pali and Lido Marini, as well as vast countryside areas. Salve surprises those who discover it for the first time. An historic center with lanes that are intertwined and overlooked by palaces and towers from the 16th and 17th centuries, these streets then open up into the great air of the town's squares.

Ruggiano, Morciano, Barbarano

2 km far from Salve, in the direction of the hinterland, you will find Ruggiano, a small fraction of about 500 inhabitants that, despite being very small and cozy, will show you ancient buildings and particular places of worship in which religious traditions and popular traditions are intertwined.

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